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  • Fermentation and Other Uses of Microorganisms

    Fermentation and Other Uses of Microorganisms Fermentations occur when microorganisms consume susceptible organic substrate as part of their own metabolic process Such interactions are fundamental to the decomposition of natural materials, and to the...

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  • Cheese whey fermented with kefir micro

    Feb 01, 2015 0183 32 May-Grünwald/Giemsa stained of Caco-2/TC7 cells uninfected a or infected with 1 10 6 CFU/mL of Salmonella spp Enteritidis without treatment b or pretreated with the supernatant or the micro-organisms of whey fermented with kefir grains c and d, respectively or with the supernatant or the micro-organisms of whey fermented with ....

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  • What Is Microbial Antagonism? Reference

    What Is Microbial Antagonism? Microbial antagonism is the method of using established cultures of microorganisms to prevent the intrusion of foreign strains When introduced to an already-colonized environment, an invasive strain of bacteria tends not to thrive and may go completely extinct...

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  • Antagonism Definition Biology

    Sep 19, 2017 0183 32 Antagonism Definition Biology , In biology, antagonism is an interaction between organisms so that one organism benefits at the expense of another, like your little brother or sister ....

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  • Microbiology Chapter 14 1

    Microbial antagonism involves competition among microb One consequence of this competition is that the normal microbiota protect the host against colonization by potentially pathogenic microbes by competing for nutrients, pro- ducing substances harmful to the invading microbes, and affect- ing conditions such as pH and available oxygen...

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  • Microbial antagonism definition of microbial antagonism ,

    microbial antagonism The inhibition of one bacterial organism by another Through microbial antagonism, the normal bacterial flora of the body provides some defense against disease-causing organisms See opportunistic infection See also antagonism...

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